With the objective of attaining the goals set by the clients, the activity that our Firm undertakes is mainly aimed at the following areas, namely:

>> Property and Land Registration Law which includes complete advice on matters relating to the purchase and sale of property assets, of all kinds, whether they are rural or urban properties, drawing up, if necessary, private documents or notarial memoranda, purchase and sale of personal property, inheritances, wills, whether these have access to a Public Registry or not. Related to this area, the Firm has a financial department created especially to seek the most beneficial mortgage financing for the client in the purchase of a property.

>> Family Law, which covers not only advice on Separations and Divorces, but also the Legal Capacity of Individuals, extramarital paternity and Common Law Marriages, adoptions, guardianship, etc…

>> Commercial Law which includes a wide range of actions due to the diversity of the area, related to the formation of companies of all kinds, as well as their legal/financial monitoring.

>> other matters in Civil Law, Urban and Rural Leases and Horizontal Property.

For the other matters not specified above, we have numerous collaborators who help us to reach the objectives required by the most demanding clients.